Student Health, Wellness and Safety
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Is Online Education The Answer To Recent School Incidents? 0 J. Sugar With all the recent incidents happening at schools, colleges and universities, there is a question that needs to be answered. It is regarding student health, wellness and safety which disturbs me a lot. I have had recent discussions with numerous parents, and all the time when their children are at schools, they are worried and restless. I don’t know how to end this restlessness. However, anything that is much better is seeing your kids at home while earning education. This is now possible with online education and it is secure. I would like to know what others think about it. Is there any other alternative, better than this?
by J. Sugar
October 5, 2016
"Safe & Caring" What will that mean? 3 M. Ford I think that part of the problem with a policy of 'safe and caring schools' is that it is so broad a spectrum that many details can be missed. How many of the children and staff fall through the cracks if there is not a specific policy to hold people to account. The other side of the coin are onorous policy manuals that no one reads anyway. I find the comments about first aid training accurate, anyone working with our youth should have upto date basic first aid. I know I had to have it when working day camps with the YMCA ( sad if the YMCA standards for child safety are higher than the schools). Safe and caring schools also need to take into account cultural and gender orientation sensitivity, I wonder how much time is given to that direction of training for new teachers, and upgrading for teachers in the field. The concept of modeling lifelong learning should not be specific to academic subjects but all areas of life. But this is just my 2 cents for the new year :)
by L. Kaiser
January 2, 2012
Anaphylaxis policy advisory or Sabrina's Law? 0 M. Ford
by M. Ford
December 22, 2011